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posts here will be gifs i made among other stuff, 20, canadian, skype me@ coffeencakes (say that your from tumblr or something) otherwise just ask me Jif Peanut Butter peoples here

this grasshoppers booty has been violated :o


HEY FOLKS Borderlands 2 GOTY is 75% off on Steam until August 25th!

And on top of that you can play it for free till the 24th! AMAZING RIGHT

GRAB IT SOON (or finally convince your friends to get it mhm YEP)

i lose followers randomly all the time


i said a while ago i wanted to post this separately from my dont starve art dump but i didnt so im doing it now because woodie is best



So it’s now 5:30am and I’ve only just finished that follow forever. I’m so tired and my eyes hurt I hope I haven’t fucked up and made a mistake on it if I have I’m sorry :3

I ended up running into my dad in the hallway as he was getting up for work this is officially the latest (earliest) I’ve been up lmao

haha i remember when i was younger staying up too late playing games then sneakin back to my room when i heard my parents wake up


So I recently reached 1 thousand followers and I’m still in shock. I’ve only been a gaming blog for a few months so to have this many followers in that time is overwhelming. I’ve made so many amazing friends and met so many awesome people in that time and so I’m making another follow forever to thank all the people who make my life a lot happier.

Special mention to:

Emilie for being amazing and for being the funniest person I know without even trying and you’re like my best friend bruh  Also to Cris, Nat and Emma for being my closest friends on here, I love spending time with you guys and you all make me so happy. I love you guys so much and I’m so glad I met you all 

Most of you are mutual gaming blogs (with a few exceptions) & I’ve bolded the cuties who I’ve talked to or considered friends and my favourite blogs :3

A ~ F

anglknives |  arcadegaynerd  |  atlas—senpai  atlasboyo  |  atlasdewitt |  atlasiswho | atlaspotatos |  augustine |  beeplasmid |   bioshockin |  biosshock |  birdorcages |  bookersdewitt |  buffalo-bilbo |  burialatsky |  buymevideogames |  captaindanielalexander |  captainzappy |  cityofdunwall |  clickernoises |  coffeencakes |  cohensmasterpiece |  comstockholmsyndrome |  comstocks |  comstokc |  dantesbooty |  delsinsbutt |  drecklyn |  drsofialamb |  dunwall |  eliazbeth |  elizahbethdewitt |  eveleotardin |  ewizboof |  faggitvekubby |  falloutboyo |  fatalframee |  fenrism |  fontaiiine |  fontaine-futuristics |  forsworn-briarheart |  frankfontlame |  fuck-it-joel-needs-a-car |  fuckyeahlastofus |  funny4578 

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I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone or made a mistake, but seriously thank you all for being so rad. Here’s my Blogroll 

the baby next door is not a happy camper

sage found a grasshopper and promptly lost it

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic Trailer

damn you beat me to it for giffing this haha

sage vs grasshopper

gif size limit is now 2mb
when did this happen -_-

sage caught a butterfly


Commissions are open! [Click]
The full deal this time, sketches, lines, and paints. I’ll be taking four slots, so please send a message if you’re interested. I can also do skype for commission chat if it’s more convenient.

1. Illyriel
2. Sparrow
3. Blackhawktc
4. Parasprite

..Alsooo I can do more than Blood Elves, it’s just what a few of my personal characters are and what I’m usually commissioned.
Most humanoid races or something mostly human is fine, ask about anything else.

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