the giffords gifs
Jif Peanut Butter Stuff posted here will be video game gifs i made on my spare time among other stuff, sfw, 20 canadia skype: coffeencakes peoples here

uhg just got out of bed, but at least i actually fell asleep last night. bb in a few hours

i wanna buy this shirt but not sure, i just bought buncha stuff online the other day

Got no sleep before my 6am shift again, woops

its snowing out, gross

ok made a gif for people asking me about frost cleave rotation when using frost bomb. (mostly for dung’s, heavy cleave, and CM’s) frost bomb->frostbolt->flamestrike->pet freeze, cone of cold. Frost bomb, flamestrike, and cone will all be shattered, not as useful as it used to be because of new mastery but still decent.

stopped by my parents to do their evening chores, how nice of me

uhg got literally no sleep last night

by the power of giant dino, get wrekt

last one for a while i promise

someone come do cata dung’s with me to lvl bacon#1771
im doing like 20-30k+ dps so they go fast, ally side-us lvl 81 rn

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